Cadastre and land registration

GeoQode provides a modern, professional open software framework for registering, managing and distributing real property objects and related data.

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Defense and security

GeoQode provides geospatial applications offering the capability of monitoring, predicting and countering threats, while helping to strategize and support field operations.

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Agriculture and forestry

GeoQode offers cutting-edge innovations in agricultural UAV monitoring technology such as the ability to collect digital data to manage crop production on an accurate field scale.

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Accurate measurement of the volume and tonnage of extracted ore has always been complicated, time consuming, costly and unreliable. GeoQode’s UAV are able to rapidly capture stereo imagery of open pit mines and their surroundings without the labor inefficiencies and safety issues normally associated with traditional volumetric surveys.

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Oil and Gas

GeoQode provides oil and gas companies services and products that empowers advanced mapping and spatial analytics, increasing operational efficiency through rich location intelligence.

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GeoQode provides spatial planning and decision making applications to get visual presentation of different facts in the form of multi temporal maps and comparison maps.

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Flood Risk Assessment

Remote sensing and GIS technologies has become the key tools for flood monitoring and risk assessment in the past decades.

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